Tev original motors for dual z
Hello there 3d printing team,

i am Alex from Greece. I need your help! 
I have a Tevo Tarantula. It is a great machine with great prints. I want to upgrade it though. I can't find an original stepper motor as the motors from tevo and i want a second one to double them in the z axis since there is only one.So the only one that i found original from tevo is this 
3D Printer parts  TEVO Black Widow Titan Step motor for Titan Extruder 3D printer extruder 42*42*23mm for J-head bowden

And i thought that it Is a good idea to put this one in my extruder motor and use the extruder's motor as a second in the z axis. It's the only solution i found all these days . From Tevo's original website the pack costs about 70 dollars to get here and i think that it is too much. 

Ps the url is from the original Tevo store in Aliexpress and it will cost me barelly 10$.
So can anybody help me guys?

Thanks in advance.
Keep it up team.

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