Z-axis motor not turning screw
My Tevo tornado has had no major faults since I got it more than nine months ago but what it has come up with is beyond anything I’ve seen before. The z axis motor makes a very loud noise and fails to move the z screw in any direction. Any ideas?
Might be that your coupler is loose?
I'm having the same issue. I used loc-tite on the coupler just to make sure it wasn't loose. It still had the problem. It refuses to move up following the 1st layer. Did you ever find a solution?
Yes, I did. This solution also can fix the problem of uneven lines on models. Remove the z-screw and the (brass?) thing that slides on it. Scrub with a small brush in hot soapy water to remove the old and probably sticky lubricant. Then add a generous amount of Teflon grease all along the screw and run the thing up and down until the coating is pretty much even. Then you can remove the excess with a paper towel and reassemble the printer. Try lifting and lowering the z axis until you are satisfied with the movement.

I can also explain what the noise is and tell you it is harmless to the printer. If you didn’t know already, a stepper motor contains many “teeth” like a gear. These teeth align with each other when the coils around the outside are activated. The noise is simply the teeth trying to move, but being unable to they move back to their original position sharply enough to make a quiet sound. This sound is just amplified by the frame of the printer which makes it sound like a grinding gearbox.

I hope this is of use to anyone reading.


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