Shut off and won’t come back on?!
So I finally got everything set to print, leveled and ready to go. My printer was working away and I thought finally I have worked all the bugs out after 2 weeks of fiddling with this thing. Then without any warning it just shut off and now it won’t power back on? The only way I can see the screen is to connect to my computer cable, but that doesn’t give enough power to actually Heat or run the printer. Any ideas? Anyone have any similar experiences? At this point I am ready to pack it all up and send it back. All i’ve Been able to do after a month of having it is print the sample cube. Each time I attempt a new task I  run into a new issue. Someone please help! Disappointed
Sounds to me, like your power supply has been fried.
The Tornado control box works with USB power from the computer or the Octopi, for everything else you need the plug.

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