difference in z home height and initial print height
I am having an issue that has never occurred before on any of my printers. This is for a Tornado running 1.1. I have manually leveled the bed, after auto home, used the latest cura to slice. everything is tight as far as belts or track. So when I press start for printing and things heat up, my head moves to 15, then moves out over the build plate as it should, except it stops lowering towards the build plate with a decent gap. display says 0.3 on the z at this point. I do not see anywhere in the menu to adjust the z offset except in babysteps, which I have seen nothing happen when I use it. I am not sure if my firmware is old, or i have some setting wrong in it, but i didn't change anything. I have 2 deltas, and a tarantula, micromake C1, and Tronxy X3a, so i am not completely without knowledge, and my anycubic delta has z offset in its menu. So if anyone has any suggestions, besides tighten up this or that as everything is tight, I would appreciate it.

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