Tevo Tornado Stepper Motors
Hi all. New to the forum.
My Tornado decided to kill one of the A4988 stepper driver plug in boards the other day (on X motor), and I am awaiting a replacement.
My steppers are ALL RB Step Motor 42SHDC4043Z-22B.
I have Googled virtually every stepper motor website, done searches on RB step motor and also on the part number, but I can't find any info.

What I require is a datasheet so that I can set up the voltage for the current limit on the new (and existing) boards.

If anyone can assist I will be truly grateful.

Did you tried contacting directly to Tevo Store? I bought new heater blocks from them

I wrote to sales@tevo3dprinters.com. After a few, Betty, sending from logo@tlmaker.com, replied me. 6 bucks later, I got my HBs. Maybe you can buy the steppers from her


BTW, which motherboard did you got?
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