Gaps in the print
i just recived my tevo tornado, after a few tries with bed levelling, i started printing and i noticed that there was a lot "GAPS" in the print,and the inside of the print is very messy .
Any advice on how to to fix this? 
[Image: 36585506_2020346027998564_25425101640832...e=5BE0AEDE]

Quick update
I've finished printing and this is the result 
[Image: 36563296_2020396134660220_71448208744938...e=5BA8E640][Image: 36621804_2020396477993519_73851145408342...e=5BEA1F5C][Image: 36682109_2020396131326887_30959070880360...e=5BA2672D]

Your base support is awful, but can be easily fixed by checking your bed level, bed temperature (around 50°C or 70°C), add some brim to your model and, if everything else fails, some hair spray on the base can help with adhesion.

There are several tutorial online on how to correctly level your bed. Mostly using an A4 paper sheet.

Let us know how it goes.


I also am a new Tornado user.  Looking at your photo... 
1. What is your tool and bed temp?
2. Also, I believe this (and most) printers are very susceptible to ambient air temp and especially air drafts.  Make sure there is no ceiling fan or ac vent blowing on the print bed.
3. Is the bed level.
4. Download the calibration cube and see how it looks.
5. What are you using to create your Goode?  

On my (borrowed) Tornado, I have had failures and successes.  Using the latest version of Cura appears to work best for me.   There are MANY settings...  omg.   

My friend Tim has gone on a two month road trip and kindly let me borrow his Tevo Tornado.  
Needless to say, now I have ordered one of my own. 

My best to you.

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