Dual Extruder Modification for TEVO TORNADO
I'm fairly new to the 3D printing community, so please excuse my ignorance on some of these subjects.  My reason for 3D printing is to make part for my scale boat, so tinkering with the printer is not my priority.  I do learn quickly, but need step-by-step instructions for most of the set-up (firmware conversion) and software settings.  I create my own 3D CAD models and convert them to .STL files, then use CURA (V3.4.0) to make the g-code files.  I want to add a second extruder to use HIPS for the support material of the ABS parts for my boat.

Does anyone have step by step instructions for adding a second extruder and nozzle to a Tornado?  I have found that there is a dual extruder kit for the Tarantula (operates on 12V vs. 24V for the Tornado) that might work, however, there is not enough instructions for me to accomplish the conversion.  How do I configure CURA to use the second extruder for HIPS Support material?  What hardware do I need?  Dual Nozzle assembly, 24V heater elements, Second Extruder & stepper...

Thanks for your help

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