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But immediately, there are a few shouts, Qingmengzhai true disciples have retreated, Yang Haoxuan a person standing in the air, looking for the sound to see, it is the previous contact with Lan An and his party. They obviously know Yang Haoxuan, because they are now in the realm of Emperor Wu, are completed with the help of Yang Haoxuan. But before that, Yang Haoxuan seemed to be in the realm of martial arts, breaking through the martial arts masters and reaching Emperor Wu were all completed in Qingmeng Zhai, but not for some time. Yang Haoxuan's cultivation has been bottomless, they can not sense out, but they have long heard of the martial arts event. That is, Yang Haoxuan single-handedly went to Tiandaomen to seek justice for Yanya, so that Tiandaomen suffered heavy losses, which can almost be said to be a great loss of vitality. At the moment, they have a strange face, guessing Yang Haoxuan Xiuwei, dare not go. And just as Yang Haoxuan was about to ask about the situation, a white figure suddenly rushed into his arms, his body was very cold, but it had no effect on him. Yang Haoxuan naturally knew who the bearer was and touched her hair helplessly. Qingxue threw herself into Yang Haoxuan's arms and put her arms around his waist. She said softly, "I knew you weren't dead. Are you really making trouble at Tiandaomen alone?"? What is your strength now? I can't feel it. Yang Haoxuan heard so many questions one after another, a warm heart, suddenly feel that it is really meaningful to become a strong person, and then asked: "I will tell you later, is Yanya all right?" Qingxue heard Yang Haoxuan mention Yanya,lutein eye complex, mouth a Nu, do not want to speak. But Yang Haoxuan himself saw Yanya fly over naturally, his face was full of joy, but when he saw Qingxue in his arms, he was not happy, the speed slowed down, and he came over with great reluctance. Yang Haoxuan laughed, his left hand stretched out, Yanya immediately felt an irresistible force to catch her in Yang Haoxuan's arms, which made her surprised,stesweet stevia, happy and ashamed. At this time, Yang Haoxuan hugged Yanya with his left hand and Qingxue with his right hand. It's really a hug. But also two famous strange women, with the name of the elegant fairy and the snow fairy. But suddenly, a fiery light came quickly from somewhere, and a familiar voice shouted at him: "Yang Haoxuan, what are you doing in our Qingmengzhai?"? We don't welcome you here. You leave quickly, or don't blame me for informing Tiandaomen. Chapter four hundred and three palm punishment blue fire Speaking this person, all over the fire light, I do not know where to jump, repair for extremely good, words and her people appeared in the air at the same time, that is, Yang Haoxuan opposite. Yang Haoxuan fixed his eyes and found that this man was also the blue fire elder who was not pleasing to the eye at the beginning. Of course, now two people's cultivation, elder two words, he has no need to address. In retrospect, Yang Haoxuan broke through the master in Qingmengzhai and reached Emperor Wu, causing the whole Qingmengzhai to lose all its aura, so the Blue Fire kept shouting to kill and teach him a lesson. Is a direct hand, ghana seed extract ,fenugreek saponins, Yang Haoxuan at that time, taking into account Qingmengzhai a dry elder, dare not rush up to fight close, trapped by the other side of the fire phoenix, if not Qingxue hand, I'm afraid he may be dead. Afterwards, Yang Haoxuan endured humiliation and did not pursue it. He restored the aura of Qingmengzhai and repaired the magic weapon of Blue Fire. What's more, Yanya said that the blue fire actually brought her together with Tianfeng in order to get the position of the master. These things, has always been a thorn in the flesh of Yang Haoxuan, the blue fire nature is extremely uncomfortable, before is to take into account a lot, dare not speak, but now within a year, is already become immortal. Now this blue fire, repair for half immortal, although has the very deep foundation, in his eye, already was the mole ant general. At the moment she actually did not know heaven and earth thick, a face of anger, because after Yanya was injured and recovered, she had announced that she did not need to assist in teaching, so she now even Yanya did not like it, thinking that Yang Haoxuan was a guy who would harm Qingmengzhai. Now, as an elder, an expulsion order has been issued. Yang Haoxuan was angry in his heart. With a smile on his face, he looked as calm as water. Holding the two beauties in his arms, he hummed and said, "Blue Fire, you really don't know the depth of heaven and earth. Now I still need to take care of you."? Believe it or not, I can easily kill you in Qingmengzhai now? Say that finish, Yang Haoxuan's eyes appear infinite fierce light. Blue fire was so a look at him, suddenly cold hands and feet, as if falling into the ice cellar, but after that, she ran magic, just a little better, and then the heart is angry, because she did not believe that Yang Haoxuan grew so fast. Yes! She did not believe that Yang Haoxuan could really grow so fast in a year that he could make a scene in such a sect as Tiandaomen. Because before this, Yang Haoxuan in her eyes or a half immortal less than the guy, how can he be able to make a scene? So she thought, there must be a master to help, at the moment no one around, must be the master has gone, so she dared to drink Yang Haoxuan. Otherwise, by virtue of Yang Haoxuan's present majesty, the monks he met outside would be scared half to death when they saw him. But Yang Haoxuan's immortal strength, but really, just because the immortal body is imperceptible, this is also the wonderful use of the immortal body, can let the enemy do not understand their own reality, carelessness, or too cautious. Anyway, if you play against others and don't let others know what cards you have, you will have half the chance of winning. On the other hand, when Lanhuo heard Yang Haoxuan's provocation and saw her hugging him, he was furious and turned to shout at Yanya and Qingxue: "You two disciples of Qingmengzhai know how to love yourself. Although Yang Haoxuan can't be said to be a demon, he is not the right way. You will be harmed by him in the future." Qingxue turned her beautiful eyes and said in a whisper, "I don't know how did you know that?" Yang Haoxuan also said sarcastically, "Didn't I lose her face at the beginning?"? With such tolerance,jujube seed powder, it's no wonder that you haven't been able to become an immortal for thousands of years. It's surprising that you can become an immortal. Do you know that your aptitude is just stuck at the peak of the semi-immortal? If you devote yourself to practice, there's still a chance. Now with such a mentality, you can't even enter the peak. 。 prius-biotech.com

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