Tornado stuck
Caveat: I'm really new at this. First printer, a gold Tornado.
Things were working, made some prints but I found I was doing a lot of leveling. I installed a BLtouch with no incident per YouTube instructions. Then attempted  to flash Marlin firmware on the Tornado using Arduino per instructions off of the Facebook TEVO Tornado Owners Group. Here's where the trouble started.
It compiled successfully, I uploaded it, no errors reported or interruptions. The screen still showed the original, Tornado text screen at that point. It didn't reboot so I shut it off and rebooted. Now I have a lit, blank, blue screen. (On the other hand, the BLtouch is still flashing its LED.)
I'm super frustrated. I now have metal brick with cables coming out of it! I tried to locate and flash the original firmware; can't find that anywhere. Any firmware I attempt to compile gives me errors on Arduino. Can anyone help me?

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