Tevo Tornado LCD display flashing x? y? z? won't home.
Okay guys! Hopefully there is someone out there who has run into this before. Well stupid me I bought a "used" Tevo Tornado on eBay. It turned out to be a Amazon return that was marked damaged. Well that was an understatement! It had a smashed printer bed, broken power supply, broken LCD smart controller and a damaged motherboard that would not recognize a computer for flashing.
Oh yes all this just a few days just before the border closed between USA and Canada making return all but impossible (or expensive international shipping) and parts harder to source. I live in Canada just over the North Dakota Border and have a PO box and buy lots states side. So I did find a great supplier in Ontario for the required parts (score) but I am still plagued with electronics problems.
So I made a new Aluminum printer bed and got a Ultrabase 310mm x 310mm glass for it, replaced the Reprap LCD Smart Controller and got a new MKS Gen L V1.0 motherboard and replaced the power supply with a quality one. I managed to flash the Tevo Tornado software from GitHub onto it.
All good right?

Nope.... When I turn on the power the boot screen loads like normal and appears to function as it should however the x y z alternate flashing ??? marks. The board recognizes a SD card, the bed heats, the nozzle heats and the fan turns on but the printer will not home no matter what I do or command I push on the dial. It will not print anything as stated it is like there is no power to the stepper motors it does not see them. What would cause this? Would it be that the A4988 drivers were also blown by what ever screwed up the other electronics??
Thing is I have the exact same response with the factory MakerBot MKS board that cannot be flashed or recognized, everything on it also works but the stepper motors are not recognized/energized.
I am using Arduino 1.8.12 with Marlin firmware. Please guys if you have any idea what I am missing please shoot me a message or reply so the community can benefit here. I have spent a week taking everything apart, reflashing etc. with the same results. I have also spent hours on the internet and could not seem to find the same issue or remedy (maybe I am just searching the wrong thing).
Bottom line is it will not Home, auto home, or move any x y z axis.
I really like the build of the Tevo and it seems to be really nice quality everywhere else, It is square and was easy to assemble but this has me stumped                    

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