E1 thermal runaway
Hello, so I am new to this community.... My tarantula pro arrived yesterday and I got it fully assembled.... This is my 3rd 3d printer, already have an small xyz davinci mini w+ and election mars resin printer.

But anyways.... Tarantula pro isn't acting right... Prints the first one or two layers of the test print without issues (after some tweaking) but than when the extruder temperature changes from 230 to 215, the temperature of the extruder drops to 200 and the print shuts off with the message "E1 thermal runaway"... Done some work trying to figure out the problem without success... Anybody have any ideas on what to try..... Happened 4 times in the same spot on the original test print file.
Hello Elizabeth,
I have completed my Tarantula Pro, yesterday and I found EXACTLY the same issue.
Did you already find a solution?

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