Tarantula pro lcd swapping between screens
<p><br></p><p>This is probably the 8th 3d printer I've assembled but the first to not work straight away.<br></p><p align="center">&nbsp;</p><p class="sceditor-nlf">Assembled tarantula pro , taking time to do everything properly and in correct sequence. Leveled bed manually. <br>Checked wiring<br>switched on unit for the first time. <br>LCD screen activates. I notice a click coming from the piezo buizzer on the lcd board every few seconds.<br>Screen showed 25C room temperature as expected. <br><br>Generally menu seemed unresponsive as I was unable to easily select any of the screens. managed to get to X,Y,Z homing screens - and rhe homing all went well.<br>
<!--StartFragment-->Screen informed me that no SD card inserted which was true.<!--EndFragment-->

<br>retrieved SD card from the Tevo box and inserted it. <br>Lcd screen acknowledged the card.<br>The clicking sound increased in frequency to about 2 per second. The screen jumps on each click from the&nbsp; screen to a screen showing what I think is the bed and maybe hot end temperature. <br>I've checked all thew wiring and everything is connected. All end stops in place, heat bed connected.<br><br>Has anyone any idea what the problem may be?<br><br>Thanks in advance<br><br><br><br></p><p class="sceditor-nlf"><br></p><p class="sceditor-nlf"><br></p><p class="sceditor-nlf"><br></p><p class="sceditor-nlf"><br></p>
For some unknown reason my request for help above became garbled with HTML code. So I'm hoping that if I re-explain it and am able to post it up in a legible form, that there'll be someone who can point me in the right direction.
OK - basically when switched on, the screen cycles between the 'info' screen &amp; the menu screen, about twice a second. This is accompanied by a click from the piezo speaker on the MKS MINI 12864 V2.0 LCD screen.

Thinking that the problem was the motherboard, I replaced the MKS Gen L V1.0 with another one. That made exactly zero difference. So I'm not sure what to do next. The two alternatives that I see are that the LCD screen is defective. Or there needs to be new firmware installed - maybe some problem with the code that operates the LCD module? Any thoughts?<
Did you find a solution? I'm currently facing the same problem

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