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I'd like to suggest a separate forum section for software (Slic3r, Repetier, Cura and many others).

And congratulations for this google-searchable site (instead of the horrible Facebook group) !
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Alright, done! Smile
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I was going to suggest the same thing. It would be dope if we could have some editable reference materials for precisely dialing in slicer Config settings relative to Marlin (and other) firmware code. I use Jim Brown's Easy Config Marlin, and he's been giving me feedback between the relations in code and G code scripts being fed into the slicer files. Most of this good info he's sharing will likely be buried in facebookland and that's just a shame. To get the most, best and fastest results from our spiders, we each need the ability to access the most current information that is available and not need to spend countless hours combing through Google searches hoping that we worded our queries correctly.

I don't know if this site would be like facebook where every member can contribute to the equivalent of "the files section", but IMO, I suggest NOT doing that. The reason why the TT/Prusa files section is garbage is because there is too much garbage in it. There must be 25 different Config.h files in there, Gcode for this, that and everything in between and tons and tons of other garbage. Talking about the truth hiding in plain site. I hope the approach for this site is simple links to that very good information, like a link to a Thingiverse search for Tarantula and another link to the various releases of Marlin. Instead of inundating the collection of info, just a simple link to the respective Github would always return the most up to date result.

Long story, I hope all of the weaknesses of facebook are considered and avoided. Just a little bit of forward thinking in terms of how this site is formatted I presume will return a very favorable result.
Of course everyone can post threads and topics (which are probably easier to search through on here),
but the most important stuff will be added by administrators to the Guides and Downloads section.
If someone posts a file that they want to be added to the list, it will be reviewed by us first.

Also threads can be pinned to the top of every forum where the most important stuff can be found easily.

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