BLTouch + Dual Z + TMC2208 Config
Currently, the Tevo github repos for the Tarantula Pro do not include an "all-in-one" firmware version to support:

BL Touch sensor
Dual Z motors (Using the Extruder 2 driver)
TMC2208 silent stepper drivers

Tevo has published several zip archives for their firmware source mod, based on Marlin 1.1.9 but only for the following variants:

BLTouch + Dual z
Dual z
Tarantula Pro firmware

Since I ended up getting the bundle with all 3 extras, I have decided to fork their github repo, merge the configs from BLTouch + Dual z and TMC2208 and publish the merged version to my fork on github.

Forked repo:
Branch: 20190716_dualz_bltouch_tmc2208

This version includes support for all three extras and can be flashed on the board as usual, using the Arduino IDE - I used v1.8.9.

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