Why is HE1 connected on MKS base version?
I'm new here but I've been having problems with my Tornado. The extruder stopped working. I tested the motor and that was fine with another output, so I decided it was probably a good time to upgrade from the MKS base mainboard.
I currently have a MKS gen 1.4 and after a couple of weeks of nothing I finally found my LCD had broken and needed replacing. Now that's working and i'm testing my printer with the new drivers. I find the cables have been mixed up somehow. My power and bed connections work as they are supposed to, but the extruder isn't heating although the cooling fan is coming on. So that leads me to think I have the extruder and fan connected the wrong way round.
Anyway... Can anyone tell me the original way the original green connectors were wired. There is one set of connectors with the case fan with 3 leads connected to the case fan and i don't know what connector should that be in? and why are both E0 and E1 connected?

Ok solved it myself E0 is the triple wired connector E1 is the hotend cooling fan and fan is the part fan, It's just 50/50 choice after you work out that the triple wire is E0

Next problem is that only the x axis homes. Then nothing moves... I am not sure why. I know the X end stop is triggering, so I presume Y axis is not moving. I checked the voltages on the driver and it's the same as all the others. I think it could be a faulty driver chip.
Hmm If that's the case I will swap z driver for it and see if I get to the next step homing it.

Even though none of you guys answer me at least it helps me with problem solving writing things here.

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