Extrusion stops - suspect filament retraction incompatibility

I am a beginner and just started my first print. with my Tevo Flash Dual Z TouchBL. The printer stopped extruding after it layed down the Brim and started working for about 1mm of the print.  I tried again a few times and then I noticed that it stopped extruding after the extruding wheel went backwards (rather rapidly) for a second. I noticed that in my Cura settings I had filament  "Retraction" ticked so when it went over blank area it would retract the filament so there would not be any dribble. I un-ticked / disabled "filament retraction" and it is working fine........ so far!  So the Tevo Flash is not compatible with "retraction", is this correct, or is there another setting or issue that is not making it compatible and if so how can I make it compatible?
I have managed to fix the problem. I first changed the by changing the retraction distance to 2 mm and speed to 10 mm/s. It then started to work properly. I am now using a retraction distance of 4 mm and speed of 15 mm, no stringing at these settings so I'm happy . I have not tested it back to the original settings of 6.5 mm and 25 mm/s (whilst it works I will not fiddle with it!). I am not sure if it was the setting change that did it (can't do 6.5 mm and 25 mm/s) , or some how playing with the settings fixed something (unjammed a cog?) and it can work at full functionality? It works for now and I keep those settings, unless otherwise advised.

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