Overheating problem with the heated bed!
Hi. I had a serious problem with TEVO Tornado in my last print.

After the printing was over, the control box crashed and the heated bed warmed to the extreme. When I reset the printer, the thermometer was above 200 ° C before taking pictures. The LCD Display was without any information when crash. Luckily I was near the printer and hung up before something worse happened.

I've always used the Simplify3D slicer with this Ending Script and I've never had problems:
G28 X0; home x axis

G1 Y295 F3000; bring the bed forward
M106 S0; turn off cooling fan
M104 S0; turn off extruder
M140 S0; turn off bed
M84; disable motors

I bought my 220V Tornado in December 2018 at Banggood.

Does anyone know why this problem happened?

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