Tevo Michelangelo layer shifts
Hello all,

I am kind of new to these forums. I could not find a topic on this problem and am kind of at a loss on what to do at this moment. I am hoping someone, maby has some tips.

A couple of months ago I purchased the Tevo Michelangelo. The test print was great, but the moment I started printing my own objects the horror began. The layer shifting started the moment I made my first prints on this machine. I found a couple of tips on how to fix the alignment of the printer on youtube (link). The most obvious was removing the piece on top of the z rod. I also replaced the belt, and used different idlers (with teeth). Still got exactly the same results on the same layers.

Next I tried the following things: 
- Replacing all the wheels 
- Changed the stepper motors 
- Used a different file to print 
- Used different sd cards to print 
- Used different settings to print (played around with the print speed, retraction and the infill) 
- Used different cam adjusters (it was said that the original ones tend to turn during printing) 
- Checked for loose screws and thightened everything down

All the stuff mentioned above gave exactly the same results. 

I think the problem lies mostly with the z axis seeing that all the prints show what I think is a z wobble issue.

For more details on my printer settings and other prints: link

Somehow I think I am overlooking something really simple. Hope someone maby has some tips to help out.

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